Who is Agenta Emme?

I am Agenta Emme… or rather… she is me.

While studying abroad in Costa Rica, my literature instructor asked us to write a short story. That task for me was like staring at a blank canvas. What do I write about? What do I say?

After visiting a local movie theater with a good friend of mine and watching Mission Impossible 3 first in English and then in Spanish (yeah… it was raining that evening) the idea hit me to share my clumsy experiences of living in Costa Rica by telling the story through a Mr. Magoo style secret agent. Her tales are a severely exaggerated telling of my own misadventures.

Why the name Emme? It is a fairly easy story. Before marriage my middle name was just the letter M. Emme is merely the Spanish pronunciation of the letter M. It made perfect sense to me, the awkward one-letter middle name for the name of my awkward secret agent.

Then I met Mr. Wonderful who enjoys having misadventures, traveling, chicken, cookies and being amazing. And that was what I was totally looking for… and I was what he was looking for… now we have our misadventures together, travel as often as possible, I try my best to make enough chicken/cookies (not together) AND point out how amazing he is (it’s true… he is).

Mission: Vatican 2011 (Code-name: Honeymoon)

I’ve decided to let you come in and follow us along as we take this journey together. Emme still is the clumsy and awkward side of me; however, instead of trying to become someone else, I embrace it. There will be misadventures, but sometimes those are the memories you cherish the most.



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