29 Goals…


SQ 01.21.2015Well… it’s that time again where I am trying to figure out what goals I need to come up with for my next year’s goals. I like to have a mix of projects and seemingly attainable goals.

Where am I headed this year?

  1. 50 Books. I’m not going to break it into categories this year… I would like to read 50 books.
  2. 3 Machine Quilts… I’m sure there will be some babies this year that will need one.
  3. 1/2 of a Hand Quilt… I’m working on another hexagon quilt. The last took me 4 years. I would like to do this one in 2.
  4. Repair the last of Great Grandma Laney’s quilts.
  5. Finish editing 2013 Nanowrimo Book
  6. Finish editing Papa’s book
  7. 6 New Recipes
  8. Replace Fence
  9. Remodel Yard
  10. Finish Laundry Room
  11. Review 10 children’s products
  12. Review 10 non-children specific products
  13. Review 10 books
  14. Remodel Closet
  15. Return to couponing
  16. Meal Plan for 3 meals a week
  17. Relocate Sewing area to FROG… because it’s safer for Little Wonderful and my sewing machine
  18. Figure out how to display quilts
  19. Attend a comic-con
  20. Attend quilt show
  21. Go to the Children’s museum
  22. Visit Botanical Garden 6 times
  23. Visit Zoo 6 times
  24. See 3 movies
  25. Date night?
  26. Re-organize pantry… it doesn’t make any sense now that it is mostly filled with the things removed from all of my bottom cabinets… I miss bottom cabinets.
  27. Replace pull knobs on cabinets so I can use child locks and get my bottom cabinets back? Hmmm?
  28. Photo-a-day… because it turned out to be an awesome project this year…
  29. Blog swap 2X


What are you planning for this years goals?



One thought on “29 Goals…

  1. Great goals. I have traveling on my list and also some projects. I’ve written them down in my daily planner so I don’t forget and I break it down by week to make myself accountable. Good luck to achieving your goals 🙂

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