CSA Results: Week 1

This week’s CSA was a bit disappointing for all. Our weather here has been insane. One day it would be 90 and then it would drop to freezing… and we did that a few times.

The farmer I met with looked like he was having one of the worst days in his life. He explained that all of the spring vegetables had either bolted, flowered or died before actually producing anything. There was hope in his voice when he promised the summer and fall crops would more than make up for what we received that day.

In my bags were broccoli, Boston lettuce and kale. All of these were pretty exciting on their own, but it was still a little on the disappointing side.

I cannot imagine what the farmer was going though having to tell each person the sad news for this week.

Don’t worry farmer… I know the better days are coming. The hot days of summer that will be filled with plenty of rain will make things better. I only hope that others understand that the weather is out of your control as well.


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