Renovation 2014: Bathrooms – Day 1

You’re probably right… we must be crazy to start a house project when we have a 3 month old.

Please keep in mind: our bathroom floor has been broken since we moved in and now the tiles are staring to come up… in the shower.

Why not just stick that tile back in the floor? The floor under the tiles is broken, most likely due to being put in incorrectly. We have found incorrect installation to be a major problem in our house.

Our bathroom is also incredibly small and the hallway bathroom is so absurdly large. So we decided to do both at the same time and shrink the hallway bathroom to normal bathroom proportions and enlarge our bathroom so that Mr. Wonderful can move his arms in our shower.

The shrinking of the large bathroom has to happen first. Below are the before pictures.


The pink tiles go wonderfully with our bright yellow paint. I still love the yellow and would like to have a slightly less bright yellow in the final project.


Yes, the toilet is almost hiding behind a wall in a space big enough to be its own little room. There is also a full-sized closet between the bathtub and the toilet area. Please notice the space big enough for a second double sink and a toilet after the counter ends.

This is standing right next to the full-sized closet. Logic would say that there should be a toilet to my left… logic would be wrong… it is 3 feet behind me. The cabinets are leftovers from some other bathroom at some other point in time. They are going to disappear.

Stay tuned…

Renovation 2014 will continue.




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