28 Goals…


Yeah… it’s that time again where I am trying to figure out what goals I need to come up with for my next year’s goals. I like to have a mix of projects and seemingly attainable goals.

Where am I headed this year?

  1. Weight loss. I am not sure what my goal is at this point or my starting weight. I should know more about that after we have our little one in January.
  2. 6 Museum/Park Trips
  3. 6 Parties
  4. 6 Teas
  5. 6 Recipes
  6. 6 Date Nights
  7. 12 Non-Fiction Books
  8. 12 Fiction Books
  9. 24 Children’s Books
  10. 3 Quilts
  11. 3 of Rory’s Books
  12. 3 Movies
  13. 3 New Wines
  14. 3 Chapter Children’s Books
  15. 2 Holiday Cards
  16. 3 Pintrest Projects
  17. 3 New Board Games
  18. 3 Weekend Getaways
  19. 52 Weeks of Pictures
  20. 20 Miles a week starting after February
  21. Papa’s Book
  22. Cook Book
  23. Edit Last Year’s Nanowrimo Book
  24. Nanowrimo 2014
  25. Remodel Yard
  26. Replace Fence
  27. Remodel Bathroom
  28. Finish Laundry Room

It was hard choosing goals this year. First Trimester really knocked it out of me and I spent the rest of the year trying to play catch up on every front. I have tried to narrow down some of my expectations so that I can perhaps accomplish more in the same amount of time.

What are you planning for this years goals?




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