Questions Answered – 45

If you’re in the US, do you celebrate Columbus Day? What does it mean to you?

Coming up on the 14th of October you will have the option to either celebrate or ignore Columbus Day.

The real question is whether or not to celebrate the end of some amazing civilizations that already existed in the “New World.”

While it was completely inevitable that the “Old World” would eventually come over to the “New World” (Ignoring the possible visitations from the Vikings), I am not sure that when and how they came to colonize was for the betterment of the people native to that land.

Sure the Spaniards came over and mainly forced the native people groups to choose between assimilation and death or assimilating and being moved to a completely different part of the Spanish colonies and be forced to work (most likely ending in death) and death.

Not to mention that at the time there were no treatments for the diseases that the Spaniards brought over and many native peoples just died or were weakened to the point where there was no way to fight people bringing in horses and gunpowder.

This was a scary not so pleasant period ended up in the destruction of some amazing cultures, sciences and medical knowledge.

All of this was to bring back goods to fill the coffers of the already rich Spanish government and nobles. Notice how Spain is currently not a super power… yeah… they spent it all.

Although I am around 25% Spanish (thanks to the science of DNA testing); no, I do not believe I will be celebrating this time frame in history.


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