Questions Answered – 43

Should soda be banned in school?

Let me think back to school…

I would give away almost all of my packed lunch and buy a mountain dew.

Every day.

The thought of that disgusts me now.

Should soda be banned in school though?

I was always a good kid in school, I made good grades, volunteered and took dual enrollment classes at a local college. I can only imagine what I would have been like on that much caffeine and sugar had I had any sort of behavioral issues.

No, soda, sugary drinks (including chocolate/strawberry flavored milks) and energy drinks have absolutely no place in a school. For that matter there should not be any candies and junk foods laying around either.

In the cafeteria whole foods that are not loaded with preservatives, not fried and not coated with sugary sauces should be available. Salad bars are great. I only remember my school offering frozen fries and pizzas every day.


No… kids should learn from an early age that healthy foods are not scary foods. A good place to teach that is at the start with the early education teachers.

What are your thoughts?



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