Where have I been?

13 - 15

We have been super busy between work and tending the garden.

(From Left to Right:

Yellow squash in the back garden

16 spaghetti squash plants, 1 butternut squash plant and 6 lettuces in the first bed.

12 yellow squash (half were supposed to be zucchini) and 3 cucumbers in the second bed.

10 tomatoes and 9 peppers in the third bed.

What might be hard to see are the canes that are coming out of some potted tomato plants… there are 6 of those.)

Here’s a better view of the back garden…

13 - 12

Here’s the baby Paw-Paw tree. It took him a long while to get this far. We are very proud of him.


Here is a second Paw-Paw tree that we planted at the same time. See why we’re proud of the other. He’s a fighter. The one below is just a show off.


Bee Balm, 3 Chocolate Mint and Rosemary.

(Mr. Wonderful is in the process of re-lining the garden beds with those beautiful new stones, it just has been a bit hot to get them in. It’s  a work in process, but heat stroke is not an option.)


You might have to click on this one to make it larger.

I’ll start in the back at the baby rosemary from the last picture… then there’s pineapple sage, 3 oregano plants and one struggling basil plant.

I am also standing right over a beautiful rosemary plant… not sure how I missed getting a picture of that.


3 thyme plants, 3 cilantro plants and 2 sickly looking azaleas.

That’s not grass on the outside of the bricks… it’s all clover. Isn’t it lovely?


Here’s the reason I have no flowers of any kind in my garden. He’s actually one of a family. I have 3 tiny ones like him and 2 larger babies and then 1 big one that I assume is the mother. If they weren’t so cute I would be angry. Yes, they can all jump the new bricks. They only seem to care about my flowers though.


See… these were marigolds… 12 of them.


He is standing in front of my 3 beautiful mint plants. I just got distracted by his cuteness and could not take a picture of the mint. Not sorry.


On the other side of the mint is the raspberry bush. Those bricks keep the hot tub repair guy from stepping on him.


And here is the garden on the side of the house.

8 yellow squash plants. Most were supposed to be zucchini. Oh well.

This garden also has kohlrabi and kale planted in there… which are not doing very well now that the heat is setting in.

That big plant on the right corner… some sort of shaggy holly. I’m still not sure how I feel about it.


But in the front of the garden…

That would be sage. It smells like the holidays.


What I did not take pictures of was the hibiscus or the baby cucamelons… they’re both on the deck.

What have you been up to?




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