Questions Answered: Week 11.5

List the utensils you cannot live without in the kitchen.

I am assuming that by utensil this means small items that are not small appliances.

Here’s a basic list of tools:

1) A good chopping knife. We have a Kai Pure Komachi set. The big yellow one and I… good friends. I use it almost exclusively… even if I should be using a paring knife. Don’t judge. At least I know I should be using something else.
2) Cutting board. We have some small cheap plastic cutting boards with rubber edges. This makes it so they do not slip and I can throw them into the dishwasher and not care about them. I think they are Rubbermaid. I bought them while I was in college. They have lasted a long time.
3) Potato masher. This works for guacamole, smashed potatoes and anything else you just happen to need in a messy mash consistency…
4) Shot glass measuring cup. This one I totally lost in the garbage disposal last week so I will be living without a labeled one for awhile until I can find another labeled one. Don’t ask… the garbage disposal and I are not on speaking terms right now.
5) Rubber spoonulas… use them every time I cook.

Honorable mentions you can substitute other things for:

1) Spoon rests. I usually use tea saucers… what else am I supposed to use those for? Oh yeah! Snack plates for game night.
2) Rice spatula. You can use a spoon… it might be more difficult, but if you have a rice cooker and can’t find the rice spatula… you really could use a spoon. You still have a rice cooker after all.

What can you not live without?


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