Questions Answered: Week 11

Name a board game you will never get tired of.

Now this one is a hard one. Board games for us come and go in cycles. We play a ton of board games… by the way…
Just about every other week or so we have a board-game night. By this, I mean I get the snacks together, get the fridge stocked, get the selection of games out (they’re in a bookcase now so it is a lot easier than in the past) and invite people over (hopefully that happened earlier in the week and not after I’ve already gathered everything).

Now when new board games come out we might play them obsessively each time we meet up until we cannot stand it anymore… or if something new and greater comes out and we have the choice of playing one or the other.

We always have Catan and Ticket To Ride on hand. There is always Cranium to fall back on if too many people show up.
Other fun games to look into if you’re looking for a board game: Tsuro, Small World and Words Against Humanity.



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