27 Goals – Week 16

1. 6 Dinner Parties/Game Nights: 4/6 – We are planning on having a cookout/game night on Saturday. If you’re in the area (or planning on being in the area)… shoot me an email.

2. 12 Non-Fiction Books: 2/12 – almost finished a book

3. 12 Fiction Books: 7/12 – I know it jumped up a notch there. I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (I know… I’m a bit behind), The Selection (which is pretty much the Hunger Games meets the Bachelor and then watered down), and a coming of age story named Eloide & Heloise by my good friend Cecilee Linke.

4. 12 Recipes: 5/12 – I made a cheese dip that I will reuse as a mac and cheese sauce as it didn’t work out well as a dip, but tastes just like CiCi’s pizza’s mac and cheese sauce… interesting. There was also fajita jerky and crock-pot applesauce.

5. 6 Quilts: 0/6

6. 12 Teas: 8/12

7. Loose 30 LBS with food diary: 158… never plan a weigh-in right after eating at a Mexican restaurant. I’m so filled with salt right now I can’t get my ring off.

8.  6 Movies: 2/6

9. 12 Date Nights: 1/12

10. 3 New Wines: 3/3

11. 365 Day Photo Project: 21/365  This project is gone.

12. Debt: 100% on new goal

13. 2 Out of State Vacations: 0/2

14. Remodel Yard: Ripped out one bed of daffodils and have some serious plans for tomorrow

15. Remove Wallpaper From 3 Rooms: Not yet

16. 4 Weekend Getaways: 2/4

17. Complete 24 Pintrest Projects: 3/24… Vitamix Cheese Dip somehow made it on Pintrest. I also own a vitamix and I had cheese… didn’t work… it’s going to go into mac and cheese

18. Meal Plan: 17/52 weeks. I didn’t really make it this week, but we also only ate out 2X (both planned) and did no grocery shopping.

19. 12 Pinterest Recipes: 2/12

20. Cards for 2 holidays: 1/2

21. Switch Banks: I still really need to do this.

22. Ride 35 Miles a week on bike: None this week.

23. 100 Sit ups Challenge: Let’s be honest… this isn’t going to happen. 100 sit ups… no big deal for me.

24. 100 Push-ups Challenge: I always forget I have the app. I’m just working on building up to 100 at this point

25. Read 6 of Rory’s books: 2/6…

26. 6 Craft Nights: 0/6… Tick Tock! Where did you go?

27. Finish Papa’s Book: Up to chapter 7!

What are your goals this year?



One thought on “27 Goals – Week 16

  1. I’m sorry! I’m here now! I miss you and we’ve already made plans to get back on track! 🙂

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