And this is not a grocery list…

There’s no How Not to Use a Grocery List today since I did not go grocery shopping this week. I know, it does seem really weird, but maybe that’s because it is. I know that for some of you HNTUAGL is one of the main reasons you stop by… don’t even try to hide it. I see the flow of traffic always peaking on Thursdays. You guys… always caring what I buy and throw out are a little weird. Please keep in mind that this is coming from the person that is telling you what she buys and throws out. It’s okay… I also read other blogs where the person tells you what they’re eating for the whole week. So… it’s completely normal or something.

In case you’re wondering: Yes, I did throw out something this week. I threw out a Luna Bar. Now, some of you may be wondering how I could possibly throw away an expensive gluten free granola bar. Well, it was not expired; however, when I opened it, it was totally covered in white fuzz. I’m not an expert, but a cashew granola bar should look like every other cashew granola bar that you’ve had from the same company. I’ve never seen them come in white before, so I threw it out… in a trashcan down the hall. No I didn’t save it or take a picture, because I am pretty sure it was some sort of health violation to have it around. Yum… white fuzzy mold… growth… or whatever. What did I do for a hungry snack? I totally went and bought a candy bar from the vending machine.

Hey… gluten free here… options are rather limited.

I know I share a lot of personal information here. What we buy at the grocery store, what books I have been reading, etc… etc… etc, but I have never really said up front that I have a gluten intolerance.

Hi internet, this is Emme, I have a gluten intolerance.

I know those of you that do read HNTUAGL have probably noticed that I do say gluten free pasta, gf pasta or pasta for Mr. Wonderful. Yeah, sometimes we like to have pasta, but he doesn’t like gluten free pasta and I really don’t blame him… I’m still getting used to it. I am still experimenting with cooking and baking. It’s pretty frustrating and personal and that is probably why I have not really mentioned it much here. Besides… who really cares?

Apparently while I have been all self-absorbed and concerned with what I can now no longer eat, but still manage to think about almost all of the time, but this is my blog… I can be a little self absorbed for a bit. I appreciate that just about everyone around me remembers that I can no longer have foods with gluten and will ask me whether or not I can eat something before handing it to me. Dietary restrictions are always something that I keep in mind. I’ve been surrounded by people with severe allergies for a long time and have to keep long lists in my head of who can have what and who can’t. This is why I always make sure that everything is labeled and there are always safe foods for all diets at all events I throw.

A gluten free diet is a hard diet to follow, I don’t care what anyone says. Most of the time my brain is saying: “I want cake!” Have you ever tried to find good gluten free cake or make a good gluten free cake. Usually I just end up disappointed with a glass of milk. And it is really hard telling someone that you can no longer go to one of your favorite restaurants because it is too difficult or impossible to find something to eat there. Being a disappointment is really one of the hardest things I have had to deal with. Having to say… oh, “there is nothing on the menu that I can eat” or “there’s going to be a huge language barrier” or “they aren’t willing to customize menu items there.” Do you know how boring it is to read menus. Seriously… some people put gluten containing ingredients in their french fries… the french fries. Do they fry their fries in the same vat as batter covered foods. Do you know?

Have you ever thought about it?

I’m starving… can you tell? It’s totally dinner time.

Now that I’m being open here… or more so than usual… I will be adding on some posts where I attempt to make foods that I used to eat… but in a gluten free way.

Any suggestions?



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