Grammie’s Easter Cakes

Because nothing says Easter like a scary jelly bean wielding rabbit.

There are not too many traditions that my family has that are obsessively stuck to. Every Easter Grammie and I would make cakes. Then she would warn me that the next day was Easter and we had to hide the cakes so the Easter Bunny would not find them and put jelly beans on them. Picture me now as a small child who is completely in love with cake, afraid to death of costumed creatures of any kind and seriously hates jelly beans. We hid that cake in such creative places every year, but every year there would be more jelly beans on the cakes.

I know I’m out of the house now… but the world still needs Easter cakes… to remember those times when we were all young. Let’s make some now. Here we go:

I chose funfetti this year… because what says Easter if it is not brightly colored sprinkles baked inside of a cake? Unfortunately there was no funfetti at the store… seriously… no funfetti. I have no idea why there would be a run on funfetti before I write this post. So I bought some white cake mix and some sprinkles instead.


Gather all of the ingredients you will need… (minus the eggs and water as they are on the other counter)… and realize you don’t have any vegetable oil. Quickly search the internet and find oil substitutions. Be thankful you always have applesauce on hand.


Take an awesome picture of your stand mixer… because you can.


Add sprinkles… this is supposed to be funfetti remember?


Add all the wet stuff and then bake.

I don’t know why I missed taking a picture of that exciting step.


Here are some frosted cupcakes…


You need some more to frost… and yes… that is 5:14 AM.


By 5:19 AM you have the next set frosted… how about some more?


You really made a lot of cupcakes.

9 91

All frosted.


Yay! More sprinkles!


Stupid Easter Bunny put jelly beans on these already… and it is only 5:41 AM.


Throw the extra jelly beans in the loose container because you bought 2 bags of jelly beans to place one on 45 cupcakes. Why 45? That’s just how many I ended up with… strange.


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