27 Goals – Month 3


1. 6 Dinner Parties/Game Nights: Halfway there!

2. 12 Non-Fiction Books: 1/6 the way there

3. 12 Fiction Books: 25% there

4. 12 Recipes: 2/12 … I need to work on this

5. 6 Quilts: Need to bind the fairy quilt and finish piecing the elephant quilt

6. 12 Teas: 7/12 teas tried

7. Loose 30 LBS with food diary: I really need to get started on the whole food diary thing… I’m only at 154.4…

8.  6 Movies: We have been working our way through several TV shows… but we have watched 1/6

9. 12 Date Nights: We’ve had several date lunches… do they count?

10. 3 New Wines: Already complete… tried several over the holidays

11. 365 Day Photo Project: This was a complete fail. I usually forget about this goal until I am half asleep at night. I am not going to waste any more time on a 365 day project when half of the time… I forget I have a camera

12. Debt: Paid off!

13. 2 Out of State Vacations: Working on trying to plan a trip to Charlesotn

14. Remodel Yard: Raked half of the yard, cleaned up debris and planted to paw paw trees

15. Remove Wallpaper From 3 Rooms: No… the wallpaper is still there

16. 4 Weekend Getaways: Maybe Easter?

17. Complete 24 Pintrest Projects: I need to get better at this one… 2/24

18. Meal Plan: Got out of it for the most part while redoing the kitchen. I need to jump back into this.

19. 12 Pinterest Recipes: 1/12

20. Cards for 2 holidays: 1/2 there

21. Switch Banks: I still really need to do this.

22. Ride 35 Miles a week on bike: the bike has been lonely… need to get back to it

23. 100 Sit ups Challenge: I keep forgetting to do this

24. 100 Push-ups Challenge: My hand hurting too much to do these… maybe next month.

25. Read 6 of Rory’s books: 2/6

26. 6 Craft Nights: Still need to have #1.

27. Finish Papa’s Book: I am up to chapter 7

What are your goals this year?



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