Questions Answered: Week 6

What is the oldest building or landmark you’ve seen?


Technically it is Uluru in Australia… as it is a naturally formed landmark… but I have flown over the Himalayas too… so I don’t think I can classify it that way. Let’s go by human interaction. Archaeologists have found evidence of human settlement starting about 10,000 years ago. See that little road… I walked that trail… during the Australian winter.

And no… I am not sure how I still have all of my toes.


Oldest Building… Newgrange in Ireland. This was built approximately 3,200 BC.

P1050432 (2)

Oldest… uh… whatever it was… Stonehenge, England. Completion date estimated 2,400 BC.

What about you… what is the oldest landmark/building/construction you’ve ever visited?



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