Questions Answered: Week 4.5

When was the last time you visited the library?


That would be over a year ago when I went in to sign up for a library card.

Let’s be honest here… I love libraries. Sitting in awe of all of the books I never dreamed existed… relaxing in the white noise generated by other people trying to be as quiet as possible. Libraries are magical.

… but…

I have a kindle.

There are millions (alright I didn’t count them) of books you can get for free or almost free (probably less than it would cost for the gas to get to the library) available out there.

I’m a kindle prime member.

I can rent one book a month for free anyways.

I can read my books anywhere… even in my pajamas or with henna in my hair…

I spent many, many, many countless high school days in the library doing my homework and YES that is where I study best, but I don’t really study so much any more.

I should go to ours though. It really is a beautifully designed building.

When did you last go to the library?



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