And then there’s the floor…


The laundry room is mostly empty now… I have no idea why it is blurry or why there is a Christmas tree hanging out in the doorway.


A new almost even threshold that Tick Tock should not trip over next game night.


Almost all of the kitchen things have been put away. I need to work on the cleaning products away today.


And getting that plant of the counter.


Look! No random appliances in the nook.


The laundry room is coming together. Grammie wants to “square dance” in there.


The back-splashes look beautiful grouted. Why does back-splashes need to be hyphenated?


Check out the gorgeous sun-room. (Again… this word should not have to be hyphenated.) I’m not sure what that black line is from. As soon as the grout is dry I will take a magic eraser to it… as soon as I find them that is.



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