And then there’s the floor…


As you can see by the hardwood floor cleaner on the counter, Papa came over and cleaned my hardwoods and counters while I was at work and the faeries were taking care of the sun-room.


There was a small leak in the dishwasher, but the faeries fixed it. The step-stool is in the kitchen… I’m hoping it was for papa to sit on and watch the faeries work… not to stand on to clean my cabinets.


Now back through the nook that no longer has my kohlrabi in it (they went back outside where they belong).


I think I’m going to switch the food pantry from the small cabinet to the big cabinet.


They tore out that hideous tile from yesteryear, repaired the sub-floor and put in new backer board. It should be ready to tile today if it is warm enough out there for the mortar. The temperature outside is 27 right now so I’m not sure about that.

In other news… why does yesteryear not need a hyphen, but sub-floor does… just saying.


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