And then there’s the floor…

So I came home after a hard days work and found that the fairies had be at it again…


They decided that the kitchen was not the best place to store the shop vac, though I do not agree with them that it belongs in the living room. Please also notice that my laundry room counter is upside down on the floor with various floor vents on it.


We now have cement board laid down in the kitchen and it is ready to start the tiling process… hopefully tomorrow.


My stove is almost in a more stove appropriate position.


All of the sub-floor has been properly replaced and secured.


And then there’s the laundry room…


Apparently that random toilet was really not properly secured and it leaked many, many times as did the washing machine… the floor was rotten and they replaced a small bit of it when they put the last layer of tile on, but did not do the job properly as it would have meant moving the washing machine…


Please note the floor is super rotten.


And our washing machines were being supported by this. Where did all of our laundry room things go?


The sun room… which, by the way was holding its own little secret…


… vinyl, tile and laminate flooring…



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