And then there’s the floor…

Sorry if I had appeared to have disappeared… I’ve been… well… thinking about my floor… urg… floors…


So after you have the knowledge that you need to replace the floor, you need to go and move everything that you had just finished unpacking into other rooms.


Oh look… it’s the majority of my kitchen in my dining room… where is the rest?


Mostly on the other side.


The laundry room and our sun-room have been moved into our “World Room” also known as the big room in the front of the house that we have no furniture in usually. We keep our board-game bookcases in there, mostly because everyone needs bookcases full of board games.

You can probably guess that this is going to be a picture filled post.

You are most correct.

Now all you have to do is leave for work in the morning and when you come home the floor will have removed itself…

… or it could have been removed by the family friend whom you’ve contracted to do the job…

You also get a call in the middle of the day to tell you that, not only had the original tile floor been placed on the improper material, but also the floor under the stove was getting ready to cave in.


Then you find out the sink probably used to be on the other side of the room and at one point it apparently had a serious leak.


They had replaced the floor with the wrong type of sub-floor.

Thankfully that’s not mold or we’d have a bigger problem than the floor disintegrating. Also notice they did not put the proper spacing in to hold the backer-board to the floor joists. There’s only about 6 screws per board instead of a screw every 6 inches… whoops.


On the bright side… after we go and replace the sub-floor we will be able to install the dishwasher that started this journey.


They removed more of the floor than I thought they would today.


After the washing machine repair man comes to fix the washing machine (which is a whole different can of worms), they will be removing all of the cabinets we just installed in the laundry room and tear up the floor in there. Here is what it looks like now:


They will also be taking up the laminate and the tile floor that is underneath that in the sun-room.


I should also probably move that plant before they start…


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