And then there’s the floor…

I hope there never comes a time in life when you hear from a dishwasher installer: “I cannot remove your current dishwasher. You have 2 layers of ceramic tile and one is blocking the dishwasher from coming out. The new one will never fit in there.”


Then I hope you never have to hear from a professional floor installer and close family friend: “It looks like you have at least 3 different floors here. They put the two ceramic floors on top of at least one layer of vinyl and luan.”


The luan on the bottom is cracking under the weight of all of the floors. Luan is, after all, only a very thin veneer that keeps the floor perfectly smooth for you to place the vinyl over top of. Due to the bottom of the sandwich cracking… tiles and grout are cracking over the entire floor. Don’t worry, this floor is not only in our kitchen… not only in the kitchen and dinette… this floor goes all the way from our kitchen, through the dinette and into the laundry room. If you remember, the laundry room we just completely remodeled after removing the original horribly built cabinetry and toilet. We installed custom built cabinetry and counter tops around the existing empty space in the tile that was left from removing the old cabinets.

To fix the tile we have to remove all layers of flooring and re-tile.

That means everything that is not a cabinet in my kitchen has to come out to have the tile ran under it so everything can be on the same level.


You can go ahead and cry at that point.

Then you can cry again when family friend tells you he will only charge you material and a flat fee for removal of the extra floors… and he’s going to start it at some point in the next two weeks… and then he will install your new dishwasher.

What do you do next?

Go shopping and find yourself some tile. Buy at least 10 different colors and types and bring them home. Lay them all on the floor. Sit and stare at them and then pick the one that you like the least. Set it off to the side. Keep doing that until you find the tile you like the best. Then go buy a box of that remaining tile and set it out on the floor. If you still like it… that’s your tile. If you don’t like it… I’m sorry, that box of tile is really heavy and you’ve got to take it back to the store now.

The next question to ask yourself… how do you want the tile on the floor?


Diagonal staggered?


Linear staggered?


Diagonal linear staggered?

And then you go back and forth to the store debating tile size, color size and don’t even get me started on grout color and size…



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