Whimsey Box – Box 9

After reading online about a subscription service for crafters that adds just a little bit of awesomeness once a month. If you have not yet heard of it…


The box type has remained the same…


This box was rather light so I was intrigued…


It is rather pretty.


This month, assuming it is due to the holidays, is all about packaging. The little round thing with the “M” is burgandy ribbon. There are a bunch of tags, boxes, bags and a nice glue pen.


Confetti! Now there is usually a ban surrounding confetti, glitter and small bits of anything that can easily fly, spread or infiltrate the entire house and pop up randomly in carpets and sweaters 6 months down the road. Mostly as I am the one that usually has to clean stuff like that up and I would rather not have to.

Normally I focus on attempting on hand-making gifts or a part of the gift… but the making the gift wrap itself is a novel concept. I’m game.

Have you tried WhimsyBox yet?



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