27 Goals

My 26 goals project ended. After reviewing the results and speaking with my good friend Flobo, my bestie Tick-Tock and my Mr. Wonderful I think I might have learned a few things about setting attainable goals… hopefully. Here are my 27 goals for the next 52 weeks:

1. 6 Dinner Parties/Game Nights: We have had a blast this year throwing game nights. We want to at least have 6 of them.

2. 12 Non-Fiction Books: I know it is hard getting through this list sometimes, but I really think it would be good to do this one again.

3. 12 Fiction Books: I know I read at least half this many last year, I would like to do it again.

4. 12 Recipes: Part of me wants to challenge myself with harder things to cook, but I know I should settle for simple and good tasting.

5. 6 Quilts: I completely failed on this one last year. My sewing machine and quilting supplies spent most of the year in boxes.

6. 12 Teas: I did try more tea than anything else last year. I love tea and would like to take this on as a challenge.

7. Loose 30 LBS with food diary: Total flop last year, that is why I am adding the food diary.

8.  6 Movies: I’m not specifying in a theater this time… I know better. That is sometimes really hard to do.

9. 12 Date Nights: In or out, it doesn’t matter… just dedicated nights with Mr. Wonderful.

10. 3 New Wines: For some reason I find myself sticking to wines that I know I like instead of venturing out.

11. 365 Day Photo Project: 1 photo a day for 365 days… think I can handle that.

12. Debt: I’ve almost finished paying the savings account back. Another few months and it will be gone!

13. 2 Out of State Vacations: I’m not sure if it’s out of the country or in the states… doesn’t matter… I’m up for it!

14. Remodel Yard: That is going to be a HUGE project.

15. Remove Wallpaper From 3 Rooms: If I start crying now maybe it will make the wallpaper fall off of the wall on its own.

16. 4 Weekend Getaways: To somewhere…

17. Complete 24 Pintrest Projects: Yikes!

18. Meal Plan: I think this should help with using a grocery list.

19. 12 Pinterest Recipes: They can be intermixed with goal #4.

20. Cards for 2 holidays: I used to do every holiday… I can tackle 2.

21. Switch Banks: I still really need to do this.

22. Ride 35 Miles a week on bike: I have an indoor recumbent bike… let’s use it!

23. 100 Sit ups Challenge: I’ve never been good at these…

24. 100 Push-ups Challenge: I used to do 100 a day. I’m game to give it another try.

25. Read 6 of Rory’s books: Go ahead and check out that list. I’ve read a few of them, but I think adding at least 6 year would be good for the count. This can be combined with the fiction and nonfiction goal.

26. 6 Craft Nights: With Tick Tock… if she’s willing… more if we can fit them in.

27. Finish Papa’s Book: Trust me… it’s a HUGE job… but I can do it!

What are your goals this year?


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