And Then There is Windows 8…

As some of you may know, when we returned from our last trip my PC (that I’ve had forever) would not turn on. It somehow managed to completely fry itself while we were gone. Now that is serious separation anxiety. Since the beginning of October I have been stealing Mr. Wonderful’s laptop and trying to accomplish everything else by my phone or tablet, but it is not the same as a PC with a normal keyboard and normal mouse… and yes I know that I can plug in several USB hubs and get a laptop functioning almost like a desktop, but that hideous picture is not the goal… just a temporary solution.

I received a lovely early Christmas gift so that I can get back to photo editing and making massive spreadsheets without the use of a track pad.

Hello Windows 8.

New Picture

I would just like to say that while I do appreciate the way you are combining the things I love in my tablet with the way I like to use my desktop. I just would like to be able to easily find things like the shutdown/restart button, the calculator and the reason that pictures say they are open when I have clearly told you to close them. I would like to move them or rename them so please stop playing with them in the background somewhere.

It has been super fun figuring out where things are and I do realize I have become more reliant on web-based programs which is helpful when transitioning to new units; however, there is a learning curve to Windows 8… probably shorter if you have a touch screen (I don’t).

Have you experienced the change?


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