Whimsey Box – Box 8

After reading online about a subscription service for crafters that adds just a little bit of awesomeness once a month. If you have not yet heard of it…


I would like to say how excited and happy I am that my Whimsey box was not sent in an envelope:

The box type has remained the same…


Now this box is really heavy. My first thought is they sent me a brick or a bag of flour and I’m going to have to either make a brick or flour baby.


Oh my goodness! I’m already freaking out! There’s modge podge!

“Hello Adventure”


Sponge Brush and hot pink paint pen… the packer of this package knew me well.


Tile coasters! How freaking awesome! Although, I am more excited that I don’t have to make a brick/flour baby.

Right now this box is hiding under my coffee table. Why? When I had almost finished unpacking the boxes in my craft room my parents gave me a bunch more. Where did all of this stuff come from? One more weekend of working on it and I should have it finished. The key word there is “should.”

Have you tried WhimsyBox yet?


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