Whimsey Box – Box 7

After reading online about a subscription service for crafters that adds just a little bit of awesomeness once a month. If you have not yet heard of it…


I would like to say how excited and happy I am that my Whimsey box was not sent in an envelope:

The box type has remained the same…

It looks stuffed like there’s some paper in there…


Nice little so-true quote…



Underneath are some envelopes, a rubber carver, some paint… what’s below?


A piece of rubber and the carver so you can carve your own stamp. There’s also a better shot of the paint.



Here’s a better picture of the little spatula that you are supposed to use with the stamp.


I have never tried stamp carving before. I do own a lot of stamps that I rarely use and I have been interested, for awhile, about having something that was custom made for me. Maybe I can find a cool design somewhere and alter it for myself… hmmm… decisions…

Yes I cannot wait until this month’s box!

Have you tried WhimsyBox yet?



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