Day 1 – Walk Along the Thames: London Eye

I totally should have put the title in all caps… hold on…


I love England. It is the perfect take off for any European trip or any first trip to Europe in my opinion. Yes, the cars are on the “wrong” side of the road and you have to pay serious attention in the underground to make sure you are going to the right place and the stations you are trying to get to aren’t closed… but… they speak English. When you are totally jet-lagged, not adjusted to the new time zone and cranky from not sleeping the entire way over on the plane since some tall person takes up all of your legroom and won’t sit still long enough for you to sleep on his shoulder… anyways… start in London… it is a good jumping off point.

Day 1 – Walk Along the Thames: Big Ben


Day 2 – Stonehenge

Please forgive my head for totally being in the picture and the random Thai guy behind Mr. Wonderful. We were traveling with an awesome tour and it was a bit crowded and very rainy. And no… I did not get contacts, it was just too rainy to wear glasses.

Day 2 – Bath

Pleased be amazed at the amount of Wonderfuls in this picture. The other Wonderfuls were nice enough to let us stay with them at their flat and even ventured with us on some of this trip’s excursions. It was super… *cough*… wonderful.

Day 3 – Looking for the Warwick Castle

Though it was pouring, we ventured up to Warwick Castle and spent a freezing, windy and wet day exploring the castle proper. Thankfully the weather kept most tourists away and we were able to have a great time non-the-less.

Day 3: Warwick Castle Found


Day 3 – Warwick Castle: Climbing Guy’s Tower

It stopped raining long enough to climb the slippery steps to Guy’s Tower, but not long enough to put the glasses back on.

Day 4 – Windsor Castle

The day we went to Windsor was mostly dry and warm.

Day 4 – Windsor Castle: Picture with the Guard


Day 5 – Climbed St. Paul’s Cathedral

We had 30 minutes before St. Paul’s Cathedral closed so we decided to climb it.

This was our first trip using a TripAdvisor App to help us while traveling. We downloaded the London City Guide before we left and were able to use the maps and reviews quite easily to help us find our way around and to fill up some time with previously unplanned side trips.

Next post… France…


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