Maybe I can help… AKA: How did you get here?

Every now and then I like to see how people found my site through search engines. Sometimes I am a little confused and I do not think all of you found what you were looking for.

  1. “How to run away with the carnival” – I think it is like a real job now and you must apply
  2. “Restaurant Emme in Las Vegas” – I could not find one… it may not exist
  3. “Stop sign font” – it should be Helvetica
  4. “Need to know where you are going to get there” – not sure I understand… Friday maybe
  5. “Milk Chocolate Desk” – yum, but not very practical
  6. “100 foors” – Think you mean 100 Floors 
  7. “Monks blend k cup” – Monks blend and other Art of Tea teas do not come in k-cups… you will have to use a My-k-cup or equivalent
  8. “In escrow want to married” – I’m happy for you?
  9. “Gross looking spinach” – why would you want that?
  10. “Box 6” – Pandora’s box… leave it alone
  11. “42 days till I get married” – YAY!

I hope that helped ya’ll find what you were looking for.


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