Product Review: Art of Tea’s Brewed Awakening

“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”

– Chaim Potok

I drink tea… a lot of tea. With Mr. Wonderful’s gift of a personal Keurig for my office I drink probably more tea than I should. This tea was ordered from Art of Tea, it was one of my first sample sized buys

Wait… there’s coffee in my tea… Brewed Awakening is not fair trade certified. While the fair trade certification does nothing substantial in the flavor of the tea, it does tell you that the quality and standards of life of those that grow and harvest this tea are greater than those who earn below living wage for what they produce. This is neither the time or the place for standing on a soap box… so I will not digress further at this time into the definition of fair trade. There are wonderful explanations on the Art of Tea website and you are more than welcome to go view the videos and learn about what they are doing to ensure a higher quality product. Why is Brewed Awakening not fair trade certified? I have no idea… maybe it is the ingredients or… who knows.

Please also note that my Keurig is not the recommended way to brew this tea. While it might be the easiest way for me to enjoy tea throughout the day… they recommend steeping 1 teaspoon for 3-5 minutes in 206° water. I do own a tea pitcher with infuser (that I highly recommend) that I bought from Art of Tea. While this allows the tea to properly steep… though I have no control over the 192° temperature. Do I think that the 14º difference is really important? Maybe, if you’re a purist and you are making tea like a science experiment. I make tea and then remember to drink it while I am working.

The picture shows that there are some big chunks of white chocolate in the tea. I was a little put off at first and almost did not order this tea. Who puts white chocolate in their tea? When the sample tin came in there were no big hunks of tea like the picture only tiny little bits here and there. That I could handle.

The tea smells of coffee and is a little bit bitter. I would imagine that a little dash of cream and sugar would take care of that for those that do not like the taste of black coffee. I am happy with it as is and it is wonderful both hot and cold. This would be a good tea for those that are trying to wean themselves off a several cup a day coffee habit (or the other way around…).

Will I buy this tea again? Most definitely yes. I had thought this would be a one time try tea, but with each cup and brew I am convinced I will need more than just what my sample pack has to offer.



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