Pintrosity – Easy Cork Coasters

Easy Cork Coasters

Tick-Tock and I  have been working on some Pinterest Crafts together. We decided to start with an easy craft for the first night. This craft was so easy there was no real instruction.

So we grabbed our corks.

Tried to cut the cool plastic ones… which turns out are very hard to cut with bread knifes and kind of self heal… give up on the plastic ones.


Learn if you score around the outside they can easily be snapped in half.



We tried to make them round, but it was really hard to keep them smushed tight together… maybe they used a ring or something. Also… please notice that the corks are all different links because… well… how did the original pin get them even?

Tick-Tock’s became a 



Mine Became a Butterfly… sort of…

The results:



Yeah… nailed it.

What went wrong?

  • We had no way of keeping the corks in a super tight circle or butterfly for that matter.
  • The corks were uneven (can you sandpaper corks… that’s a lot of sandpapering…)
  • Hot glue peels off corks (this project will not stay together long)

Here grandma… have a trivet… I made it just for you when I wasn’t drunk even though it looks like I was…

Tick-Tock’s shape held together so much better and was a lot less wobbly than mine. And it looked super cool.

Super cool… but still not a coaster. 🙂

What to do differently:

  • Find sandpaper and try and make corks even.
  • Find someway to get them to be tight together
  • Superglue instead of hot glue?

Have you given this craft a try?





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