It’s Been 9 Months

And that’s seriously hard to believe…

Where are you in your goals for the new year?

I started mine a bit early… December 17th. I needed to set some goals and strive to reach them then… there was no reason to wait until the start of a new year to do so. If you are like me you like to have everything have a neat and orderly start and finish. Starting on the 17th is a way to prove to myself that everything does not have to be a certain way.

This weird start date has, of course, made keeping track of everything a little more¬†interesting. Without ToDoist and GoogleDocs I do not believe I would be able to do 26 goals. Maybe one uncomplicated goal… though I probably would forget that too.

I’m starting to learn the difference between attainable goals and hopeful goals. I’m also okay about not reaching some of my goals. While the me from 9 months ago wanted something to be done… the current me is swamped with things past me had no idea about.

How about the past and current you? Are you ready to make goals for the future you?

Where are your goals taking you?


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