27 Goals…


Yeah… it’s that time again where I am trying to figure out what goals I need to come up with for my next year’s goals. I like to have a mix of projects and seemingly attainable goals.

Looking back at this year’s list it seems that some of the things I thought would be easily attainable were not…

  • Finish 6 quilts
  • Learn some German
  • Travel to St. Augustine or New York
  • Participating in 6 WDC review raids
  • Attend a couple’s cooking class (yeah… I have to convince someone else they want to do this as well…)

What projects do I want to be involved in for next year? What do I want to accomplish? What do you want to hear about?



5 thoughts on “27 Goals…

  1. Hey! I know that Mr. Tick Tock and I would love to do a couple’s cooking class! We looked online for one; no luck. Think it would be fun for the four of us?

    • It would be! I have not yet been able to find one either… maybe we could find an online cooking class or a complicated recipe to make on pinterest…

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