Book Review: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Wait… I read a health book?

You can tell by the cover that this book is going to tell you “NO MORE BAGELS!” It actually made me almost mad enough to not buy the book. I love bagels! How dare you try to take my bagels Dr. Davis! I did not want to be one of those people who asked what ingredients were and read every label. Is there gluten in this ice-cream? This is not carefree at all!

With my blood pressure skyrocketing, my stomach in constant stages of duress and my weight continuing to be a running joke between myself and the scale… I decided to listen… after all what could I loose other than my bagels.

While I have not seen much on the side of weight loss (since I’ve been sick I’ve been rather inactive these last 2 weeks), the last doctor’s appointment I had was the first appointment in more than 2 years when I have not had someone yell about my blood pressure.

Really… the first time…

The only stomach issue I have had in the last month I have attributed to the antibiotics I had for the last two weeks. As long as I avoid the gluten… I feel better.

Hopefully one of these days I will master gluten-free bagels…

Is there something worth giving up for you?



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