Rainy Days

I know that the majority of the country is having a major drought, even in many of the surrounding towns there are complaints of drought; however, this is not the case for our home base. Mind you… I am not complaining.

It has really cooled off the whether around here. There is still buckets of humidity to deal with, but that is nothing compared to the triple digit weather we were facing.

Though there has been enough rain for it to kill my Phytolacca (we call it: “Pokeweed” in these parts) plant. It was beautiful. The rain just made the soil to soggy and it toppled over… on to my newly planted garden.

The vegetables should survive, but it looks bad for the pokeweed. We will most likely end up tearing it out and tossing the remains. If it cannot hold itself up it cannot stay. There is no room for a trellis there.

There is nothing better than the sound of rain first thing in the morning when it is quiet. It does get a bit old seeing nothing other than grey skies for weeks on it. Overall I am happy for the rain. Bring on fall now!


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