Book Review: Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

Yes, this was an odd book for me to choose. No, I do not have any children. Yes, I do plan on re-reading this should children make an appearance.

Why did I read this book? Anthropology my dears and I am not talking about the store. Everything, it seems, comes back to the nature vs nurture question.

While I agree that some child-behavioral issues can stem from genetics and food allergies; however, I cannot help but feel that many problems actually come from the parents’/adults’ behavior towards the child. And if you think I’m wrong here…  then I am probably going to say you might be part of the last category.

Now I am not saying you are bad parents, I am saying that it could be the way that your society has raised you to believe is right to raise a child.

I’m just saying, read this book and decide for yourself.


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