100 Foods: Apricots

While decluttering my bookcase I discovered a hidden gem: Parragon Books’ “100 Best Health Foods.”

This book takes an interesting, in-depth look at 100 amazing foods and discusses their healthy properties. That said, Parragon does not bother to go into any sort of detail as to which seasons the foods are from or where they are from, which is great… as the publisher is in the UK and I am not.

Also the recipes in this book are not necessarily for the busy on-the-go people or they don’t really make the healthy food the stand out in the completed dish.

My plan… I’m going to tackle these 100 health foods relative to their seasonality in my area (some are never seasonable here… but I will follow their seasons in the location in which they are grown) and find simple easy recipes that showcase the foods. Which could be great for amazing foods like plums… but not so great for anchovies…


I will be the first to admit that I have never before actually held an apricot to my knowledge. Of course I have had apricot jam and dried apricots; however, I’ve just never had access to fresh apricots. Mostly I say this since I was picturing an orange sized fruit that looked like a large peach or small grapefruit. Yes, you are allowed to watch me walk dumbfounded through the grocery store unable to find something that is supposed to be a local thing and since they are big they should be easy to spot right?

Apricots, as it turns out, are small little fruits. They are about 1-1.5 inches in diameter. Like a peach, they have a fuzzy outer casing. They are a bit delicate and were placed in a basket on the top shelf so they would not get bumped around too much. If crossed with a plum you can achieve a pluot (which I have had before and I do love). The kernel on the inside can be processed to produce amaretto.


When fresh contain 2 grams of fiber (which is quite a bit for such a small fruit), Vitamin A, beta-carotene and Vitamin C.  They were relatively easy to prepare… just a quick wash and a quick slice to remove the kernel (I am not making amaretto). I chose to freeze the majority of the apricots for use in smoothies (I really do not like the feeling of the fuzzy skin in my mouth and I did not have time to remove the peel… which probably has most of the fiber in it mind you).

Two sliced apricots in a container for breakfast… it is missing something though…

Feta… it needed feta. How is that for a simple recipe. Enjoy!

How do you like your apricots?



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