Product Review: Progresso Soup’s Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Style

I really wanted to like this.


But then after it exploded a few times in the microwave I saw that it was still mostly potatoes.


It also has a weird biscuit like flavor that I would imagine a pot pie would have… it just lacks the actual crust… which makes it like liquid biscuit?

Also, keep in mind that as members of the soup making community… the can contains about 2 servings. I split the can between two Tupperware containers to take to work. The first day I tried it plain. It really needed something. The second day I added onions and black pepper. That wasn’t what it was missing. It does have Titanium Dioxide in it and it will leave an odd flavor in your mouth for several hours later.

Progresso, for me this is a flop… but I adore some of your other soups and will be sure to review some of them as well. Just thought I would try something new for a change.



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