100 Foods: Tuna

While decluttering my bookcase I discovered a hidden gem: Parragon Books’ “100 Best Health Foods.”

This book takes an interesting, in-depth look at 100 amazing foods and discusses their healthy properties. That said, Parragon does not bother to go into any sort of detail as to which seasons the foods are from or where they are from, which is great… as the publisher is in the UK and I am not.

Also the recipes in this book are not necessarily for the busy on-the-go people or they don’t really make the healthy food the stand out in the completed dish.

My plan… I’m going to tackle these 100 health foods relative to their seasonality in my area (some are never seasonable here… but I will follow their seasons in the location in which they are grown) and find simple easy recipes that showcase the foods. Which could be great for amazing foods like plums… but not so great for anchovies…


Alright Parragon Books… this is pretty vague. The book still remains packed so I cannot see which species of Tuna it is referring to. Not that I usually check to see what type of tuna I am buying when I walk up and see beautifully colored fresh tuna steaks on sale. I just think… oh my goodness (in a creepy, drool-y sort of way)… fish tacos. Even though Mr. Wonderful is still not completely sold on the whole fish in his tacos thing… he does agree that I make really good tuna that may or may not belong in a taco.

Tuna can be found out in the oceans in either natural or farmed conditions (tuna farms are in big nets in the ocean water… usually). Various types of tuna can have various types of levels in mercury so it is probably a food that pregnant or nursing women should avoid during their pregnancy just in case they happen to come across some tuna with a high content of mercury. You just never know (unless you have some sort of mercury testing kit… but I usually don’t eat my science projects). Also some Pacific tuna has been carrying some radiation since the whole disaster in Japan last year. Keep in mind that some farmed tuna is Atlantic tuna and it could have been farmed in the Pacific. I do not find beautiful looking fresh tuna on sale often so I think Mr. Wonderful and I should be fine.

Tuna is heavy in Vitamin B12, B6, A and E as well as Niacin, Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids.

How about some Wonderful Fish Tacos?

Take a beautiful and fresh tuna steak (unless you are inclined to share and then add-on more tuna steaks) and dice it into little bite size pieces. Melt about a tablespoon of butter into a pan and toss in the tuna. Sprinkle some Sazón seasoning (I use the green package as I like that flavor the best) over top and cook until well done. The butter has helped to keep the juiciness… don’t worry.

The tuna can then be used in your burritos or your tacos with whatever toppings you like.

Or you can put it into a tortilla shell and just eat it plain because it is so good. Last time I made them I forgot to pick up tortilla shells and ate it with a piece of Savoy Cabbage as the burrito shell. It was mighty fabulous as well adding a bit of crunch to the meal without the crazy amount of calories in a tortilla shell. Happy accident?

How do you like your tuna?


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