Goals Update: Week 26

Mission: Dinner in Italy 2011

Let’s see how well I did with this week …

1. Loose some weight: 152.4

2. Exercise:  Total Biked: 206 miles… the bike is surrounded by boxes… don’t expect much change until July

3. Eat more whole foods: Did really good… until I got sick. I picked up some virus somewhere… doctor said to add fruit back in… and well… adding one sugar is as bad as adding them all so the diet is shelved until after the move.

4. Pay off some debt: 21.6% to new goal

5. Finish 6 quilts: Did not work on it this week… out of invisible thread

6. Host 4 dinner parties: 5/4… success

7. Try 12 new recipes: 6/12

8. Read 12 non-fiction books: 7/12

9. Write at least 100 words a day on my maybe novel… that would be at least 36,500 by the end of the year: 8.24% to 36,500 words… I have not wanted on this at all something about not being inspired… maybe it is writers block

10. Go to Ireland… again: are we planning on this?

11. Try 12 new wines: 6/12

12. Learn some basic phrases in German: too busy this week… I really need to work on this

13. Go to Saint Augustine or New York City: not yet

14. Switch banks: not yet

15. Participate in 6 WDC review raids: 2/6

16. Find a new place to live and move: Counting Down

17. Attend couples cooking class: not yet

18. Join a meet-up group: Already complete

19. See 6 movies in movie theaters: 3/6

20. Visit 3 new wineries: 1/3

21. Get rid of 100 things: Working on it while packing

22. Make cleaning schedule and stick to it: Might be best to wait until we move

23. Yoga!: Getting back into stretchy mode

24. Stay on budget: not too bad this week… too tired to spend anything

25. Take vitamins on regular basis: Pass… being sick reminded me I need to take better care of myself

26. Date night out at least once a month preferably somewhere new: 6/12

26 more weeks to go.



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