Whimsey Box – Box 3

After reading online about a subscription service for crafters that adds just a little bit of awesomeness once a month. If you have not yet heard of it…


Thank you Whimsy for having the same type of box!

Now I just have to find out which box I packed the other box is in… isn’t it grand living out of boxes?


Here is the card on the inside. The back of it tells you where you can get the products that come in it if you would like to have more of them. Don’t look at the back just yet… you will want to be surprised. Wait… there’s a blue advisory on this box. Was it on the last box? Totally adorable!


I really like this purple ribbon…


By the way, Whimsy, googly eyes are really hard to photograph. My auto focus was so confused. Under the googly eyes are a set of coasters and a canvas covered notebook.


Under the canvas notebook were canvas markers (so cool!) and embroidery floss in some bright exciting colors that I did not already have.

Whimsey, have I told you how fabulous you are yet?

Yes, I highly recommend WhimsyBox. Yes I cannot wait until this month’s box!

Have you tried WhimsyBox yet?



2 thoughts on “Whimsey Box – Box 3

  1. I EAGERLY awaited each of the 3 whimsey boxes I subscribed to but was very disappointed every time. I’m not sure why but I thought it would be “different” sorts of crafts items but they are boring. Markers (sharpie, crayola), junky lace trim. There were supposed to be buttons in the May box but I didn’t get any. it just seems like the idea was great but the execution isn’t quite working out.

    • I can completely understand your point of view as well. The random bits have been hard to figure out how to use from time to time, but the surprise and challenge have been fun. Also, if I do not plan on using something I trade with some of my crafty friends for something I am more likely to use.

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