25 Days!


Yeah… I can hardly believe it either.

In 25 days I must finish (or come close to finishing) everything that does not need to be immediately used. It should be enough days… but for some reason my body feels like it is starving for sleep. There is not enough hours in the day and all I wish to do is sleep. I know I am not drinking enough water and completely not eating right…

… but on another note… I do not like pickled eggs… there… I said it. For those of you that ask… yes… it was homemade…. by someone who has made them before and likes them… I however do not like them. It could be because I am really only an occasional fan of egg salad… who does not usually want eggs on any situation. The vinegar was good… that I did like.

25 days to go on the closing countdown.

3 days to go on the no-sugar/yeast diet countdown.


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