30 Days!

Oh my goodness! There is so much that has to be done in the next few days… and less I am using the term few loosely.

Then Mr. Wonderful suggests a new challenge for me. It is not really new as I have done it before. (I am not being
totally accurate with my terms today… my appologies.)

The Yeast Free Diet

The rules?
– No yeast
– No dairy*
– No processed meat*
– No coffee*
– No black tea*
– No vinegar
– Nothing fermented
– Only a small amount of fruit a day
* There is always a small risk of yeast contamination.

Yeah… last time I spent the month eating mostly chips and guacamole.

Why do this?

I got sick over a glass of apple juice.

I know that I never really mention it much since the last time I took this route… as it really helped me with my sugar sensitivity. 

This week will be about ridding the house of any perishables that happen to fall on that list… then I will try and come up with more creative with food options and maybe even post them here.

This should be make for an interesting next few weeks.

Any suggestions?



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