35 Days!

It seems like yesterday when we were rushing through packing up one apartment to move to another one… now the boxes are piling up and I am working towards packing everything up again.

What am I packing… you know… all the things that I know we will not use in the next 35 days.

Things that have been packed so far that are really random and will probably not be missed until they are unpacked:

  • Pineapple corer and slicer
  • 3 pizza wheels (I left one out just in case)
  • 2 ice cream scoops (I left one out)
  • 2 melon ballers (same size)
  • 5 can cozies
  • Nut Cracker and various picking sticks… maybe it’s a crab claw cracker?

I do need to work on a not-going-with-us pile… and to start taking pictures of all of this random stuff… or I should focus on packing…


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