Whimsey Box – Box 2

After reading online about a subscription service for crafters that adds just a little bit of awesomeness once a month. If you have not yet heard of it…


The April box came in the new bigger and updated box… parts of me still like the smaller box better though.

Old Box

New Box

The old box was slim lined, gorgeous and had a magnetic closure.

The new box is larger, does not look as clean lined and has a Hook-and-Loop (*Cough* Velcro) closure. I wanted to hate the design of the new box since I really LOVED the old box; however, the larger box does make more sense for me… the larger box is able to hold the top of a quilt I am working on and keep all of the associated fabrics and in-process pieces together (this would have never happened in the smaller box). Now that I know that the use of the new box will solve the problem I have had for a long time with my various in-process quilts I am happy with the new box. Just don’t change it again for at least another 8 months so I can have 3 even stacks on my bookshelf… please?

Here is the card on the inside. The back of it tells you where you can get the products that come in it if you would like to have more of them. Don’t look at the back just yet… you will want to be surprised.

I am sorry for the blurry picture, I was shaking with excitement here.

The top layer is: 1 miniature canvas (super cute!), a bag of wooden buttons (I died… love buttons), 2 stenciling brushes and 1 bottle of turquoise acrylic paint.

The bottom layer was some stencils… which make me think of quilts… excited!

Word is that they are now using a packing facility whose employees are those with various types of developmental disabilities.

Yes, I highly recommend WhimsyBox. Yes I cannot wait until this month’s box!

Have you tried WhimsyBox yet?



One thought on “Whimsey Box – Box 2

  1. Definitely hear you about the box – I really didn’t want to change so soon but the new boxes hold more. Also, I had to reject about 10% of the old boxes for quality and was always worried about someone getting a dirty/broken one. But we want you to have a nice, matching stack on your shelf too and won’t change again unless absolutely necessary for some reason. Thanks for the feedback! -Alicia

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