It’s Been 4 Months

Where are you in your goals for the new year?

I started mine a bit early… December 17th. I needed to set some goals and strive to reach them then… there was no reason to wait until the start of a new year to do so. If you are like me you like to have everything have a neat and orderly start and finish. Starting on the 17th is a way to prove to myself that everything does not have to be a certain way.

This weird start date has, of course, made keeping track of everything a little more interesting. Without ToDoist and GoogleDocs I do not believe I would be able to do 26 goals. Maybe one uncomplicated goal… though I probably would forget that too.

We have actually started to look for a new place to live! It is exciting, but at the same time a little nerve wrecking. Okay… so the whole process is terrifying and confusing. To make matters worse it turns out that the pictures on Zillow or on the realtor’s website might not actually be what the house looks like on the inside or the outside. Please don’t use camera manipulation when you are trying to sell a house. Just show me what it really looks like.

After narrowing down the search to 3 houses, we talked about each and every house to the smallest detail and ranked them from favorite (#1) to least favorite (#3). #3 had a lot of work that we would have to do to make it our own… including removing a pool. We decided to no longer pursue it when we found out that several other couples were putting in offers on #3 and we did not want to compete for it. #2 has a lot of work that needs to be done that the current owner has never thought to pursue (why is there water damage on that wall… who knows they never bothered to check and it had been there since they bought the house). #1 is gorgeous on the outside. We would have to re-stain the deck and get someone to make the hot-tub functional again. Then there is the rearranging the laundry room and finding out something to do with that big empty space in the foyer. Fingers crossed for us please. This is going to be a very expensive goal. YIKES!

Where are your goals taking you?


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