Grammie’s Easter Cakes

Because nothing says Easter like a scary jelly bean wielding rabbit.

There are not too many traditions that my family has that are obsessively stuck to. Every Easter Grammie and I would make cakes. Then she would warn me that the next day was Easter and we had to hide the cakes so the Easter Bunny would not find them and put jelly beans on them. Picture me now as a small child who is completely in love with cake, afraid to death of costumed creatures of any kind and seriously hates jelly beans. We hid that cake in such creative places every year, but every year there would be more jelly beans on the cakes.

I know I’m out of the house now… but Grammie still needs an Easter cake… to remember those times when we were all young. Let’s make some now. Here we go:

I chose funfetti this year… because what says Easter if it is not brightly colored sprinkles baked inside of a cake? Make it per the instructions.

Look… 3 small Easter cakes. Let them cool.

Frost the cooled cakes. Now would be the time where you hide them… somewhere where that stupid rabbit would never think to look.

Unlucky for me the Easter Bunny found my cakes and put jelly beans all over them. The middle one is for Grammie the others needed to take a trip to work with me. How to save the Easter cakes for travel?

Leftover jelly beans on sticks of course (or raisins or marshmallows).

Cover with press and seal. Now you are good to go.

Does your family have any strange traditions?



One thought on “Grammie’s Easter Cakes

  1. That is such a neat idea! My son and I have a crazy obsession of jelly belly jelly beans lol! We bake cupcakes and cookies all the time because he wants to be a baker (not a cook there’s a difference – those are his words lol). I’m going to start this next Easter too busy this one. Thanks for the idea 🙂

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