What are Pea Greens?

Do you grow peas in your garden? Do you have a garden? Do you not live on the first story of an apartment building and lack the ability to grow plants in thin air?

The last one is me.

Pea greens are either the shoots of new pea plants or the leafy goodness from adult plants depending on who you ask. My lack of ability to grow plants prevents me from harvesting them myself. Their lack of availability at my grocery story is impending my ability to have them. Legend has it they taste lightly of peas… If you eat your pea greens it will diminish the amount of peas that you will get from the crop. You can; however, eat the leaves, flowers, peas and pods from this plant. It could be the way to go if you have spot for a plant you would be willing to eat all of.

As there are many varieties of peas I have no pictures to provide. If you have a pea plant… it looks like those pea shoots or pea greens. Eat them… enjoy… and let me know how they are.



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