100 Posts!


This is my 100th post… in a row… It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to say. For some reason I kept thinking about what I should say… as if there is some guidebook on how to do this. Maybe there is a blog guide-book. Maybe if I had extra time and energy I would look it up.

A lot of times when I read other’s blogs or click through Pinterest I feel that I am not up to speed. Like I should be able to have the full-time career, keep home cooked food on the table at all times, make all of my own clothes, churn out several projects a week while still managing to keep up with all the cleaning and laundering a household requires.

Take a breath here.

Posting here has been about keeping me accountable for my goals, to remind me of the little day-to-day wonders and to inspire myself to achieve further growth. I’ve just decided to open the door and let others come along for the ride. Allowing others along has made me further accountable to achieving my goals and it has been helping.

Why do you blog? How do you keep up with your goals?



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