Blog Review: World of Torzukarr

I joined a Swap-bot swap to review five different blogs. Participating in swaps is a great way to meet new and interesting people. This swap in particular is great as it will allow me to have feedback from the other side of the inter-webs and to know how my blog looks/sounds to you (the reader).

Review #3:

Svetlana has created her blog to share a world of her own creation with her readers. When I was younger I followed several independent authors through their blog posts as they finished their books and then self-published. Her blog posts seem very well-written and I enjoy her drawings of the creatures that are in her world. Unfortunately, I do not have the time right now to sit down and completely explore the World of Torzukarr by reading the actual work.

Svetlana seems to be very busy with school and life and I would love to see how she integrates herself into the real world as well as into Torzukarr. She has obviously surrounded herself with the world she has created; however, it would be really interesting to find out where the two worlds intersect. Also, it appears that she has done extensive research on the various lore surrounding the creatures that live in Torzukarr. I will be keeping her blog in my bookmarks to come back to when things settle down a bit around here.


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