Blog Review: FireLight Gleam

I joined a Swap-bot swap to review five different blogs. Participating in swaps is a great way to meet new and interesting people. This swap in particular is great as it will allow me to have feedback from the other side of the inter-webs and to know how my blog looks/sounds to you (the reader).

Review #4:

Bandeau, I love your writing style, your artwork and I cannot believe that I just bought your book! I have been promising myself I would not buy any fiction books until I finished reading the non-fiction for my goals; however, if reading your book is like reading your blog, I’m going to love it.

Bandeau is very artsy and posts pictures of her creations and I believe she sells them on her Etsy site. I would love to see more of the processes she goes through to make her work. She is open and honest about her life and the choices that have taken her to where she is.

And yes, I do agree with you that you should not go to college until there is a reason for it! In this economy there are no jobs, almost everyone that has a college degree is realizing now that they need a master’s degree to actually stand out. Once you’ve graduated all of the jobs you apply for will want years of “real world experience” and you will sit back and wonder how you would have got that while attending college. If you are in a trade that you enjoy or at least a job that keeps the bills paid while you work on a trade you enjoy… keep at it and keep advancing in your skill. The economy will eventually bounce back and then if you’ve decided that you know your direction… take it.

Keep up the good work!



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